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english literature

I’m trying to learn for my Literature class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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english literature
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Please do not use outside source other then the slides provided and make it seem like it’s from memory don’t write too much facts and do not copy paste whats in the slides!! from memory and understanding here are the questions: 1) a short written answer to the question “name one of the tenets of Modernism and explain how you see it reflected in one of our Modernist texts?”. You shouldn’t use any outside sources for this, just answer it in your own words from memory. 2) a one-paragraph response to the Auden poem Musee des Beaux Arts, (again just in your own words, no outside sources) that describes what you think the poem is about, what you find interesting or troubling about it, and/or any parts you particularly like or dislike, and why.