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english question

I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

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english question
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write a response to these two posts of classmates. 200 words each. please put how you agree with them on some perspectives.


1) I found the students use of research to be effective because the student used a nice blend of empirical data and commentary as evidence to help form his argument. For example, the student explains the swipe mechanism for the tinder app and then uses commentary to explain the negatives to this mechanism. This is effective because the student is providing the reader with a set of facts and then making an argument based of these facts. This prevents the student from making statements that would be deemed untrue.

2) The student has an effective use of logos by using logical and well presented claims. For example the student argues that tinder and online dating is prohibiting us from forging real intimate relationships. The student slowly proves this claim by first making the comparison to economics by taking about supply and demand. Then based off of the argument that tinder offers us to much supply she quotes a commentator that explains how that negatively impacts us. The students use of logos by having multiple layers of explanation helps give a clear and effective message.

3) The student presents the counter argument to her points in order to further enhance their argument. The student takes the claims of the other side and deconstructs them to show how they are incorrect or how his/her argument is better. For example the student says “It is true that people’s patience, like their attention span, is in an all-time low. Dating apps emerged with an efficiency proposal, making it much easier to meet new people that are located in the same geographical area”. The student presents the argument for tinder first, which gives the reader a full grasp of the concept. Then the student presents his/her argument about why tinder is actually not helpful by pointing out how their goal of creating “efficient dating is […] at odds with effective dating”.


1. What do you notice about the student’s use of research to support his argument? Provide observations about the different types of research the student uses and how the student uses research effectively as support.

The research is very thorough. There is a very good understanding the author has of tinder as well as their own opinion on the situation. The author shows statistics of tinder with valid sources. Some are quoted sources, others are sited from studies. There is a good balance and it is easy to follow. I am not lost when reading any of it.

2. What, specifically, do you notice about the student’s use of ethos, logos, and pathos? Provide specific examples of the way in which you see the student using at least one of these rhetorical strategies effectively.

With Ethos, the author uses credible sources to make their argument. They use sources with statistics as well as siting studies and doctors. The author appealed to emotion with pathos by giving their opinion on the situation when giving the example of the “Tinder In Real Life”. the author argues, “Bottomline is that the interactions through Tinder are much more judgmental than natural human interaction. Rejecting a person without first knowing her is very simple in the app, but it destroys individualities and actually makes users devalue other people. In addition to the objectification, Tinder use also leads to changes in how people treat each other.” This really hit hard for me. I am not familiar with tinder, or any other dating application, but this seems so superficial. It dehumanizes people. I know most people do not think twice about “swiping” on another person, but just rejecting someone you do not even know without any real context is harsh. There is no real connection anymore. It hurt me to think about barely having any interaction whatsoever. The author had great transitions for logos. The author really used all their sources to their advantage. The way they explained and furthered their argument by using credible sources was very convincing. They did not try to appeal to the audience, but argued in a smart and logical way. In the authors conclusion, they state, “Tinder’s user base is growing every year, and it is necessary to live with its consequences in the society as a whole. These consequences could be, between others, the increase of judgmental acts based in very little evidence, diminished patience between persons and lack of trust in romantic relationships.” The author had evidence to cover all of these points.

3. What do you notice about how the student uses counterargument as a strategy? Draw our attention to one moment when the student uses counterargument and explain how it functions.

In the authors conclusion, they state, “Relationship-seekers should stay away from the application, and a good way to manage its side effects would be to focus in only one person at a time, giving them full attention and only using the online platform for the first few interactions. ” They then, a few sentences later, state, “Although the outlook might seem a little tragic, all it’s necessary to do is what Simon Sinek genially proposed in an interview with Tom Bilyeu about millennials in the workplace: build caring, personal relationships with the people we already have around us every day.” The author says that those who want a serious/real relationship should stay away from the app, but then argue that times are changing. We as society must adapt to the changing world to build better relationships, but how can we do that with an app that brings mistrust. It is quite mind boggling to think about.