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Essay and Powerpoint

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Essay and Powerpoint
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Topic: The Euro-Zone

With this topic I need to focus on the importance of the currency Euro in Europe. I first need an introduction about it and how different countries started adapting this as their currency. Then, to go further in discussion about comparing the economic growth in the years preceding the meltdown of the countries that adopted the Euro.Compare that growth to the growth that has occurred in the years following the meltdown.What is the current debt as percentage of GDP in countries that have adopted the Euro?Provide similar growth and debt as a percentage of GDP statistics for the United States. Also, What Euro country(ies) have benefitted the most from the adoption of the Euro?The least?Do you expect additional countries will adopt (or drop, and revert to a country currency) the Euro in the future?

!!!Please find attached a document with other ideas that you may also incorporate in the paper.

1. Report Preparation Instruction

When preparing you report, follow the basic structure outlined below:

1.Executive Summary – a one page Executive Summary should be the first page of your report.It should summarize your findings, and should not exceed one page (12 pt, double spaced).

2.Analysis Section – the next section of your report should consist of a narrative containing an in-depth analysis of the topics you have explored in your report.Any tables (or exhibits, etc.) should be referred to by table (exhibit) number and placed in the Supporting Materials Section of your report.Maximum length of this section= 10 pages (12 point, double spaced).

  • Supporting Materials Section – this final section should contain tables, etc. that you have referred to specifically (i.e. Table 1, Table 2….) in your Analysis Section.

2. Powerpoint

On the date your project is due, your group will also provide a (maximum) 30 minute presentation of your analysis. I need a PowerPoint document that will summarize the report that will be interactive, but also detailed and that can be hold for a 30 min presentation