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Ethics Reflection 1

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Ethics Reflection 1
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Ethics Reflection Assignments assess your understanding of the ethics content covered in this course (e.g., ethical principles, ethical codes, ethics decision-making). Each assignment consists of short essay questions that cover the conceptual content in the lectures and readings on ethics. You will have one week to complete the Ethics Reflection Assignments.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Give reasons why people may be reluctant to attend counseling for the first time. In your answer, be sure to include both externally motivated (e.g., motivated by others) and internally motivated (e.g., motivated by self) reasons for this reluctance.
  2. Compare and contrast the arguments of those who believe counselors should be directive in their approach with those who believe in a non-directive approach. Thinking about yourself as a counselor, do you think that you would be directive or non-directive? Why?

You are welcome to use the text to answer this question. If you use material from the text, be sure to cite the information in your paper using APA formatting. There is no minimum requirement for this assignment in terms of length. However, please be sure that you answer EVERY part of the question(s) and be sure to use supporting resources to make your argument or opinion stronger.