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Executive Presentation Reflection Paper

I’m trying to study for my Communications course and I need some help to understand this question.

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Executive Presentation Reflection Paper
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Executive Presentation Reflection Paper(100 points)

You will attend and reflect on one executive presentation hosted by the College of Business. A

ist of scheduled presentations will be posted on Canvas and updated as new events are

scheduled For the presentation you attend, you will be asked to do three basic tasks

1. Be Prepared: research the speaker prior to the event

Take some time to learn about the speaker and their company before attending the

event. Conduct a basic internet search, consulting several sources about the speaker

and company (company website, business journal, newspaper articles, Wikipedia, etc.

List three interesting facts that you learned. Come up with two questions you would like

to ask the CEO/executive if given the opportunity (Include your three facts and two

questions in a separate section at the end of your reflection paper; see below for more


2. Be Present: attend the event.

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the event. Listen attentively, and take

notes if needed for your reflection paper. (Note: Attendance at most COB speaker

events is tracked through Suitable

3. Be Pensive: reflect on the event

Write a 3-4 page(800-1200 words)reflection paper that concisely summarizes the

central theme of the executive presentation and responds to what you heard, focusing

on two main reflection questions

1. How did this presentation reinforce, support, or complicate ideas we have discussed

in class?

2. How can you apply what you learned in the presentation to your own professiona


Some other questions to help prompt your thinking How did your preliminary research

help you better understand the presentation? Did the presentation meet your

expectations, based on the research you did? Did anything in the presentation surprise

you, based on your preliminary research?

Be sure to include a separate section at the end of your reflection (not included in word

count total) that includes the 3 facts and 2 questions from Step1

(Slides posted.)