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Exposing chinas cyber espionage unit

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Exposing chinas cyber espionage unit
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In december 2013, cybersecurity company mandiant released the report that made it world famous – APT1: Exposing one if Chinas cyber espionage units. In the report, mandiant did what others were reluctant to do at the same time – directly implicate chinese cyber espionage activities by unit 61398, a special unit in chinas people’s liberation army. While China is most certainly not the only country engaged in cyber espionage activities, it is definitely the most active.

The below question is suppose to be answered no less than one page single spaced and no less than 12 pitch font.

Question – Discuss Mandiants attribution of APT1 to unit 61398 of the PLA. Close you discussion by indication weather or not you agree with the attribution and why or why not.

It’s a one page single spaced and 12 pitch font paper. The paper should be plagarisum free.

Sources between 2-5