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final English research paper

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final English research paper
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Use MLA format. Outside research is required for the final Research Paper; include 3-4 critical sources in your analysis. Essays should be between 6-8 long (12 point font, double spaced). Your essay should focus on 1 or 2 texts we have covered in the course.

Your research paper should include:

1. An introduction that introduces readers to your text and topic includes, establishes the purpose of your paper, and states your thesis. A thesis should be A) provable, B) contestable, and C) interesting/original

2. A succinct summary of the primary text(s) you are writing about, and any necessary historical context for understanding the text.

3. A literature review of the sources you are engaging with to make your argument. A literature review summarizes the sources you will draw on and provides your interpretation of them. This should highlight what aspects of the sources will be relevant to your argument. What methods, ideas, assertions, key terms, etc. from these sources are important for your argument? More Below.

4. Your analysis and argument. Analytical paragraphs should do a few things: A) Begin with a topic sentence that establishes the main idea you will argue/prove in that paragraph, B) Provide specific textual evidence in the form of a quote, C) Analyze the evidence (this is a good place to bring in your sources) to illustrate how and why it supports the main idea of that paragraph, and D) Explain how this main point supports your overall thesis.

5. A conclusion that reiterates your thesis, main points, and indicates the significance of your argument to the larger conversation about the text.