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Final Portfolio Assignment

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Final Portfolio Assignment
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For your portfolio project, you have been asked to prepare a portfolio of materials for your boss relating to a controversial topic in your current field of study, the topic of which you chose in the Topic Discussion.

For this assignment, you will put together and submit the portfolio that you have been working on throughout the course. In it, you must include the following components in this order:

  • Cover page with graphic from Graphics Discussion
  • Letter of transmittal
  • Table of contents
  • Email
  • Memo
  • Formal report
  • Proposal
  • References page (to include graphic citation)

These will all be saved as one document and must be appropriately paginated.

Note: As you have completed each portion of this portfolio, you have received feedback from your instructor on those assignments. The documents included in your final portfolio must have been revised based on your instructor’s feedback

Save your file as a
Word document (.docx).

Include the term
Portfolioand your
First Name when saving your file.
Upload your completed document using the
Browse button, and then click the
Submit button