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Final Project Training and Development

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Final Project Training and Development
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Final Project: Design a simple training system using the ADDIE Model (Noe Text Chapter 1) Due Week 8 –

Pick an organization and describe it briefly – mission, values, strategic initiatives. You may want to consider using Application Assignments questions from Noe Chapter 2 (numbers 1,2,3,4 or 5) if you do not have a real organization in mind.

Define 3-5 corporate goals and key performance indicators (gross margin %; net income; improved customer service %; etc.).

Define what success looks like (in terms of actions, behaviors). Look for CSFs – Critical Success Factors – those things that must go right in order for the organization to achieve its mission.

Next, set priorities in terms of a Training Project (A of ADDIE):

Target a level of employee in the organization – middle managers, first-line supervisors, customer account representatives, or another group.

Choose and develop a training strategy (Noe Ch. 2). Be sure to link this training strategy with the corporate goals.

Conduct a Needs Analysis (Noe Ch. 3). You will have to make some of this up unless you use a real organization.

Then read Chapter 4 – Learning Theories and Program Design (D1 of ADDIE):

Set learning objectives for the training (Noe Ch. 4)

Recommend a course of study; outcomes expected; subjects to cover

Then deliver the training and plan for follow up:

Choose training methods (Noe Chs. 5 and 7)

What kind of transfer and learning support will you provide (Noe Ch. 4)?

Determine how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the program (Noe Ch. 6)

Use APA style and formatting. The APA research based paper should range in length from 2000-2500 words. The paper should include a minimum of 12 research articles and/or scholarly references. The word count excludes any charts and graphs and the reference list.