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fire constrruction

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fire constrruction
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Explain each answer

  1. Select three newspaper articles that discuss the fire investigation of any of the LNU Complex Fires. Write the Date, Name of the newspaper, and the Name of the Articles used.
  2. Why is CalFire responsible for the fire investigations? Did the article discuss any other agencies performing fire investigations?
  3. Were there any definitive causes of the fire in the articles that you read?
  4. What fire prevention changes do you think will be made now that the Tubbs Fire investigation is completed?

Fire investigators not only have the responsibility to perform fire investigations, they are tasked with providing evidence for prosecution of an arsonist case. This may sound easy, but the fire investigator has to rule out all accidental causes and have enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime had been committed. They will most likely be the expert witness if the case goes to trial. It is for these reasons, that only 20% on average of arson cases in the United States are brought to closure.

The case study discusses why the Phoenix Fire Department cases were overturned. Once your fire department fire investigator loses credibility, its hard to recover. We will also look at the investigation of the LNU Complex fires which is the most destructive fire in the State of California to date. Its not necessarily the largest fire, but it had 44 fatalities and over 6,000 structures lost.

These two videos were taken by our crews during a red flag warning day in a very remote area. The electrical pole is being back-fed from an unknown source. The pole was not grounded correctly and there are no wires down. When PG&E showed up on scene, flames shot 20 feet up the pole. He asked the crew to put water on the fire but it was against our training. PG&E personnel took the hose line and started to put water on the fire and was immediately shocked. Thankfully no one was hurt. Two crews were on this fire for over 5 hours until they could eliminate the power source. Just think if no one had called in this fire. This was on the one year anniversary of the LNU Complex fires. This would have been hard to investigate because there was supposedly no power to the lines the pole was supporting. I love our Captain’s sarcasm in the second video.

Audio is mostly inaudible voices from firefighter radio communication.