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I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

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I have written the paper and I need some one to help me with it

Management and engineering usually fall in the same category

This is a very broad statement that is not commonly held and needs support?

. Both management and engineering are the same

What and how?Again external support and clarification are needed.

I see that not a single in text citation is provided, so I will not make that comment again.Future assignments and re-writes require external support for the points being made.

There are many characters of engineering that considered to be art. like artists; managers have visions for their projects and try to create their ideas.

Such as what?Explain and support.

According to Matthew Vanderzee, “moving to management means your focus shifts from building great technology to building teams that build great technology

Quotes require page numbers in their cites

please fix it into an APA citayion