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follow direction

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follow direction
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Hum 1020-w12dw-4b20-s5, Critical Thinking Unit 4
The selected films present stories of characters whose perceptions are distorted by various filters. How did your movie’s depiction affect your understanding of perception? (remember to list your movie)
After answering this question, post at least one question of your own, focusing on other issues discussed in Chapter 4 that you Film Essay
Each of the movie selections this unit deal with a big question that is very hard to answer, but a question we should all wrestle with. How do we determine perception vs. reality?
In the movie A Beautiful Mind, a doctor is explaining the horror of schizophrenia to John Nash’s wife and he says:
You see the nightmare in schizophrenia is not knowing what’s true. Imagine if you had suddenly learned that the people and the places and the moments most important to you were not gone, not dead, but worse . . . had never been. What kind of hell would that be?
Discuss perception vs. reality within your selected movie. How does the movie determine perception vs. reality?
What about you? When you look around you at the world, how do you know how to react to the people, events, or things that cross your path? As you make decisions about things both big and small, how do you know that you are awake and not dreaming? How do you determine what is perception and what is reality?
Your essay should be no less than two full pages in length. If you use outside sources, please cite and reference them according
tReading Assignment
Chapter 4: Perceiving, Believing, and Knowing
Film Assignment
Films (Choose 1):
 A Beautiful Mind  https://libraryresources.waldorf.edu/login?url=https://digitalcampus.swankmp.net/waldorf359664/# /digitalCampus/browse
 The Truman Show  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120382/http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/truman_show/
 The Village  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368447/http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/village/ hese are the movies: