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  1. Data Warehouse:
    • Create a data warehouse database, including the fact and dimension tables (star schema).
    • Create the schema for each table.
    • Populate the tables using either ETL (Pentaho) or SQL (PostgreSQL).
  2. Preprocessing for SAS:
    • Extract data from the data warehouse, creating a file for input into SAS. The format of the file is your choice. Ensure SAS University Edition accepts your selected format.

You should use the plan formulated in Milestone 1 of Module 3 for the detailed steps you intend to follow. ( I uploaded a file to show what I did in module 3)

For this milestone assignment, you are expected to submit:

  • Screenshots of the populated data warehouse
  • Star schema design, either a drawing or screenshot
  • Row counts for the fact and dimension tables
  • Brief description of your key learnings from completing this assignment