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four pages essay

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

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four pages essay
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Four pages essay answering the question “How does modern technology threaten Appiah’s view that conversation can allow us us to coexist?”

Read articles “Making Conversation” and “The Primacy of Practice”from Kwame Anthony Appiah. Here is the link to the reading


and the article “The Empathy Diaries” from Sherry Turkle. Here is the link to the reading


I have done the introduction paragraph. You can follow my thesis and write 3 more pages of the essay, or you may change my thesis too. If you are going to use my introduction paragraph, you need to write three more body paragraphs that both argue about Appiah and Turkle’s point of view. each paragraph needs two quotes. one from Appiah, one from Turkle.

Here is my intro paragraph:

Kwame Anothony Appiah, a professor of philosophy and law at New York University, who writes an article calls “Making Conversation”. Sherry Turkle, a professor of social studies of science, whom writes an article calls “The Empathy Diaries”. They both have written two articles about conversation is essential from their different points of views. In Appiah’s article, he points out that people should respect all cultures and all beliefs in this globalized world. What counts is that people should start at respecting making conversations. Appiah also discusses the challenges that we are facing in the world right now and the changes in our society right now. He wants people from different countries can exist in one globalized world. “Cosmopolitanism” not only means people in a tribe, an area or a country, but also people in globalized world community. On the other hand, Turkle thinks people are slowly losing their abilities of making conversation because of modern technology. He also mentions that new generations are losing their empathy. Both Appiah and Turkle drop plenty of examples to demonstrate their points of views. After reading both articles, modern technology actually does threaten Appiah’s view that conversation can allow us to coexist because modern technology has affected people’s life, such as internet and social media. These are making people’s conversation less and less. People rather email or text to others instead of having a face-to face talk. Gradually, people will lose their ability to make conversation.