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Fundamentals info ( discussion 2)

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Fundamentals info ( discussion 2)
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Discussion 2

In an effort to gain a better understanding of why people choose on device over another, share with your classmates a device you have access to. (The device can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone) Share with us why you chose this device over another device or the type of device you would purchase if you are using a device that does not belong to you. Tell the class the operating system that you are running on your device. Also share with the group what you like most about the operating system and how you are able to use this device in your daily life. If you like, take a picture of your device upload and share with the class.

Be sure to post your own contribution as well as at least two replies to other students’ comments. Note that your replies should be substantial and thorough (not just “I agree” or “Well said”).