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fundamentals networking ( task 1)

I’m studying for my Computer Science class and need an explanation.

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fundamentals networking ( task 1)
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Week 1 – Introduction to Networking

What is networking? In order to deploy a network to meet the needs of a small to medium size business, you must be able to match key business needs with technological support. As a contractor you will identify the key features of mainstream Ethernet deployment and configuration, and build a network from scratch. You will start by getting familiar with basic networking infrastructure.

Identify fundamental features of networks.

·Watch the foundations of networking video on Lynda.com:

LYNDA Networking Video

Next, take some time to familiarize yourself with basic networking equipment.

·Do some research on the following terms: Network Interface Card, Network Switch, Network Hub, Network Router, Ethernet, MAC Address, IPV4, TCP/IP, Category 6 cabling, Power Over Ethernet.

·Prepare a basic network layout using all of the aforementioned terms.

·Research the OSI model

Last, create a simple network layout featuring the following guidelines:

·Create a small network layout with 10 PCs using the technologies you have just explored. Explain whether it uses DHCP vs Static addressing, which category cabling, and why.

·Create a set of guidelines for building a small network using Ethernet technology.

Please select a project from the following list to work towards over the next 10 weeks:

List of projects:

·Build an IT infrastructure for a medium size company that does accounting

·Build an IT infrastructure for a school of 600 students

·Construct a network for the new Stratford Hospital Center

For your task, provide responses to the following in a Word document and submit them:

  • Select a project
  • Explain why you selected this project
  • Based on your project selection, explain what requirements and restrictions would be encountered
  • Explain how you would go about constructing this project using an engineering approach