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gch 535 discussion board

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gch 535 discussion board
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You have captured some truly excellent points in your posting. As I reflected on your narrative you mention emerging and re-emerging diseases and their influence on health security, and I wanted to expand on that for a brief moment. As discussed in our textbook, the emergence of HIV—and permit me to also add, the increase of tuberculosis and likely the deliberate release of anthrax galvanized our public health and national security system—and the public. Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) are those that are considered novel and have newly appeared in the population and thus, have not been previously known, such as SARS and new strains of influenza. Reemerging infectious diseases are those that have been known but begin to show an increased incidence as witness with the measles outbreak. And then there is deliberate emerging infectious diseases that are natural or bioengineered agents proliferated by individuals with nefarious and bioterrorism related intentions.

What are your thoughts on what we in the public health, health security, and national security communities could be doing to prepare for and protect against EID, remerging infectious disease, and deliberate emerging infectious diseases? What evidence is there to support the idea that actions are currently being taken to ensure public health preparedness for EID, remerging infectious disease, and deliberate emerging infectious diseases?