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Help building web page assignment

I don’t know how to handle this Html / CSS question and need guidance.

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Help building web page assignment
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Each assignment in this course builds to a whole website on multiple devices, of which this three-page website is the next step.

For this assignment, you will design, create, and deploy two additional web pages using HTML code that are linked to the initial home page created in the last assignment. You are expected to document your design process and submit both that reflection document and the zipped HTML website files to Blackboard.

Documentation: Document your design process (approx. 200 – 250 words).

  • Describe the design decisions you made for the additional web pages and the website as a whole; then explain why you made those decisions (for example: placement of text, images, etc.).
  • Describe the process to implement your decisions for your website design.

Design: This assignment should include two additional web pages that are both linked to the home page and there should be a consistent look and feel among all of the webpages. Be sure to keep your files within proper organization within the server directory.

Changes to the Home Page should include:

    • Links to the two additional pages

For each Additional Webpage:

    • Title
    • Link to return to the home page
    • At least one image
    • At least one body of text
    • At least a numbered or bulleted list