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hey can someone please help me with these questions for my speech class

Can you help me understand this English question?

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hey can someone please help me with these questions for my speech class
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      The technique for controlling communication anxiety called selective relaxation involves all of the following stages EXCEPT:

      Select one:

      a. tensing and relaxing different muscle groups

      b. a controlled process of deep breathing

      c. down-playing the significance of the situation

      d. focusing on and repeating a special word

      When listening to a speech, Joe is thinking about his date this coming weekend. His behavior is an example of what form of noise?

      Select one:

      a. communication anxiety

      b. semantic noise

      c. cultural barrier

      d. listener distraction

      An example of how the nonverbal communication of public speakers is more formal than nonverbal behavior in ordinary conversation is that people engaged in ordinary conversation ________.

      Select one:

      a. often sit or stand farther apart

      b. gesture spontaneously

      c. plan their movements and avoid moving about restlessly

      d. use visual aids to support stated ideas

      One way public speaking and conversation are similar is that both are ________.

      Select one:

      a. formal

      b. planned

      c. audience-centered

      d. informal

      In his speech about volunteering for the American Red Cross, Jacob used a lot of slang words, sat and leaned on the table in front of the class, and was dressed very casually. Which of the following statements BEST describes this situation?

      Select one:

      a. Jacob channeled his anxiety and made his speech more informal.

      b. Jacob violated the audience’s space by sitting and leaning on the table in front of the class.

      c. Jacob ignored the rule that public speaking is more formal than conversation.

      Translating ideas and images in the speaker’s mind into verbal or nonverbal messages that an audience can understand is termed ________.

      Select one:

      a. feedback

      b. decoding

      c. encoding

      d. listening

      Which part of the speech should the speaker prepare first?

      Select one:

      a. introduction

      b. supporting materials

      c. conclusion

      d. body

      Why should you use presentation aids?

      Select one:

      a. to increase the clarity and effectiveness of your speech

      b. when you cannot speak with responsible knowledge

      c. as often as possible during your presentation

      d. to highlight attractive people you are speaking about

      A presentation aid which is a representation of statistical data is ________.

      Select one:

      a. a graph

      b. a drawing

      c. a model

      d. a slide

      Presenting a colorful chart containing your main points at the end of a speech would be an example of using a presentation aid for which purpose?

      Select one:

      a. enhance credibility

      b. aid retention

      c. increase understanding

      d. establish authenticity

      Why might someone use people as presentation aids?

      Select one:

      a. to intimidate the audience

      b. to help tell a story

      c. to relay statistical information

      d. to distract the audience

      Which of the following options is the BEST reason to use presentation aids?

      Select one:

      a. They cover up a speaker’s visible nervousness.

      b. They help your audience understand and remember.

      c. They can substitute for a general lack of information.

      d. They can help a speaker stay within the time limit.

      Which of the following is NOT a guideline for using transparencies?

      Select one:

      a. do not place too much data on the page and use a large font size

      b. always leave the projector on, even when you are not using it to present information

      c. leave the bottom area empty so audience members can view items lower on the page

      What would be the BEST choice of a presentation aid for illustrating the structure, relationships, and relative ranks of the U.S. military?

      Select one:

      a. organizational chart

      b. graph

      c. map

      d. sketch

      Which types of evidence are especially important during the awareness phase of persuasion?

      Select one:

      a. facts and statistics

      b. examples

      c. testimony

      d. narratives

      Persuasion is the process of ________.

      Select one:

      a. informing the audience

      b. changing or reinforcing attitudes, beliefs, and values

      c. presenting information objectively

      d. being careful not to challenge the audience too much

      When speakers use narratives to engage listeners in a living drama, how are they trying to prepare the audience?

      Select one:

      a. aggressively

      b. mentally

      c. physically

      d. emotionally

      What is an argument of example?

      Select one:

      a. one that draws a connection between two ideas and holds that if one is true, so is the other

      b. one that uses an expert speaker on the subject matter to support a claim

      c. one that connects two ideas and maintains that one is caused by the other

      d. one that uses a set of instances to prove a claim

      Where are commencement addresses given?

      Select one:

      a. award ceremonies

      b. weddings

      c. graduation ceremonies

      d. company meetings

      A brief, accurate speech where the goals are to provide information and build another speaker’s credibility is ________.

      Select one:

      a. a speech of introduction

      b. a toast

      c. a commemorative address

      d. an award presentation

      When offering a brief salute to a special occasion or person, you are giving a( n )________.

      Select one:

      a. eulogy

      b. address

      c. toast

      d. introduction

      On the first anniversary of former President Ronald Reagan’s death, the Reagan family and a group of close friends gathered at the Reagan Library to talk about Ronald Reagan’s life and accomplishments. Then former President George H. W. Bush gave a brief speech at the occasion. What type of speech did he give?

      Select one:

      a. a presentation speech

      b. a commencement speech

      c. a speech of dedication

      d. a commemorative address

      The main purpose of a speech of introduction is to ________.

      Select one:

      a. persuade the audience to accept what the speaker has to say

      b. gain the attention and arouse the interest of the audience

      c. mention the main speaker’s major points

      d. give background information about the speaker’s topic

      What type of listening is concerned with evaluating messages?

      Select one:

      a. critical

      b. empathic

      c. comprehensive

      d. discriminative

      Which statement is an example of a critic failing to stress the positive?

      Select one:

      a. “The example about the stock market would have more effectively gained my attention in the introduction.”

      b. “I would have liked it if you had looked directly at me in addition to scanning the audience, while you were speaking.”

      c. “The speech didn’t do anything for me.”

      d. “I felt you were much more in control of the topic today than in your first speech.”

      The problem with criticisms like “I thought your introduction was bad” and “The speech was weak” is that they are NOT ________.

      Select one:

      a. original

      b. kind

      c. specific

      d. objective

      Evaluating the quality of information, ideas, and arguments presented by a speaker is ________.

      Select one:

      a. critical listening

      b. critical thinking

      c. fact finding

      d. inference evaluation

      If asked to judge or discuss a speech, what would be expected of you?

      Select one:

      a. to give criticism or constructive feedback to the speaker

      b. to talk about what they heard in the speeches that day

      c. to give “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”

      d. to offer rhetorical strategies for future speakers

      Processing the message and providing some type of feedback is ________.

      Select one:

      a. active process

      b. a learned skill

      c. receipt of message

      d. intermittent activity

      When listeners assign meaning and make sense of what they heard, they have ________ the message.

      Select one:

      a. selected

      b. attended

      c. understood

      d. remembered

      A speaker analyzing an audience for a speech should focus on what three factors?

      Select one:

      a. knowledge, experience, and lifestyle

      b. attitudes, actions, and personality

      c. culture, psychology, and demographics

      d. resonance, decorum, and ethos

      Information such as age, race, gender, education, and religious views are part of ________,

      Select one:

      a. ethnicity

      b. demographics

      c. speech content

      d. socioeconomic status

      A captive audience is ________.

      Select one:

      a. one that attends at will

      b. one that is very interested in the subject matter

      c. one required to attend

      d. one that has no interest in the subject matter at all

      Why is audience analysis important?

      Select one:

      a. it helps you understand the audience as much as possible before giving your speech

      b. it helps you know what stereotypes to use as you speak to them

      c. it helps you to simply tell the audience what they want to hear

      d. it is not important unless you need to drastically change your speech

      Trying to determine what an audience believes or thinks about a speech topic is termed ________.

      Select one:

      a. psychographic analysis

      b. demographic analysis

      c. informational analysis

      d. environmental analysis

      When you tailor your speech to the educational level of your classmates in a public speaking course, you are focusing your audience analysis on ________.

      Select one:

      a. audience attention

      b. audience opinions

      c. audience nonverbal cues

      d. audience demographics

      What does the speaker do during the refinement phase of topic selection?

      Select one:

      a. create the working outline

      b. identify a specific topic

      c. write the introduction

      d. write the conclusion

      When you have generated your main ideas, the next step to developing your speech topic is to ________.

      Select one:

      a. find logical divisions

      b. generate sub-topics

      c. write the conclusion

      d. write the introduction

      When you discover the listener’s needs, interests, and expectations prior to selecting a topic, you are fulfilling which guideline for selecting a topic?

      Select one:

      a. consider yourself

      b. consider the occasion

      c. consider the audience

      d. consider the topic

      When you make a list of your own interests and just begin writing as many topics related to these as you can think of without stopping to consider them, you are using a technique known as ________.

      Select one:

      a. topic building

      b. brainstorming

      c. natural topic selection

      d. webbing

      Searching for logical divisions in a subject is a strategy for ________.

      Select one:

      a. determining your general purpose

      b. determining your specific purpose

      c. determining your public purpose

      d. determining your main ideas

      What index has a listing of bibliographical data for articles published in a group of magazines and/or journals during a given time period?

      Select one:

      a. Readers Index

      b. Periodical Index

      c. Newspaper Index

      d. Full-text Index

      Which type of supporting material is a story that brings an abstract concept down to specifics?

      Select one:

      a. analogy

      b. example

      c. narrative

      d. definition

      Jack used primarily web sources for his informative speech about gun control. However, his over-reliance on the website sponsored by the National Rifle Association caused his speech to be slanted in one direction, rather than presenting multiple sides of the issue. Which of the six criteria for evaluating web sources did Jack ignore?

      Select one:

      a. accountability

      b. accuracy

      c. objectivity

      d. usability

      Supporting materials located in the library or the Internet should be evaluated for ________.

      Select one:

      a. depth, breadth, and length

      b. honesty, integrity, and ethics

      c. authority, accuracy, and relevancy

      d. depth, integrity, and ethics

      How does a formal outline differ from a working outline?

      Select one:

      a. It lists every resource the speaker checked in preparing the speech.

      b. It makes use of letters and numbers.

      c. It is complete in every detail.

      d. It follows established conventions of outlining.

      What is the final step in the development of a working outline?

      Select one:

      a. preparing an introduction

      b. adding a summary

      c. preparing a conclusion

      d. adding transitions

      In an outline, Roman numerals are used to indicate ________.

      Select one:

      a. the main ideas

      b. the sub-points

      c. the introduction

      d. the conclusion

      Which type of outline contains a detailed account of main points, sub-points, and other speech components?

      Select one:

      a. transition outline

      b. working outline

      c. preparation outline

      d. delivery outline

      To begin your working outline, write out ________.

      Select one:

      a. the specific purpose and the speech function

      b. the speech function and the preview

      c. the speech function and thesis statement

      d. the topic and title