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History of Medicine Questions

I’m trying to learn for my History class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

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History of Medicine Questions
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Hi. These are the questions that I need answers for. All of the questions should be answered using the sources provided. Thanks!

  1. According to Crook, why did Benjamin Richardson call the utopian city of health “Hygeia”? What is the relationship between the state and medicine in England from 1830 to 1910? In this context, what was the difference between public health and the health of the public?
  2. What is the main argument in Lei’s “Sovereignty and the Microscope”? According to Lei, why did people (Chinese and non-Chinese, perhaps for different reasons) not believe that this plague could infect? What changed their belief, at least of the elites and officials? What was the relationship between the state and biomedicine in this case, in comparison with the nature of relationship between the state and medicine in Crook’s piece? What was the significance of the Manchurian plague of 1910-1911? (This answer would link to his main argument.)
  3. In Hanson’s article, what were the conceptual blind spots and what caused the blindfolds? (Include contexts in your answers) According to Hanson, how did the TCM physicians, in the case of SARS, integrate Chinese and Western medicine, with respects to the understanding of the etiology and methods of treatment?