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How can i change direct speech to indirect speech ?

I need an explanation for this English question to help me study.

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How can i change direct speech to indirect speech ?
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I have 5 sentence in the direct speech I want to change to indirect speech..

1.”If you are people as similar as me can not do really good at design management find the workflow that really good for you”(Luna Hao”

2.”Make friends not only friends from your country but also friends from internationally like you can speak with them by make friends with them using English'(Yan Lya).

3.”please open your mind to make a friends too different culture also make friends with your professor”(Alan Liu).

4.”Practice English a lot try to talk English with friends or classmate or professor”(Kassy kim).

5.”Healthy meal prep especially for students very busy you have no time to cook everyday so please just cook for whole week”(Wenting Zhu).