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I need someone to remove plagiarism in the assignment below ..Attached is the question and the solution

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I need someone to remove plagiarism in the assignment below ..Attached is the question and the solution
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Fake news has become a buzzword but undoubtedly a politicized and controversial term, used both to criticize mainstream media and to refer to problematic content online. In the modern world, Brands or even firms can be implicated with fake news in different ways. First, there can be fake news that can be damaging to the reputation of a business with its consumers. As an example of McDonald’s was using ground worm filler in its burger patties (see: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/debunked-mcdona… to research:54% of US Americans see fake news as a significant problem.71% of US Americans see it as a serious problem that ‘outside groups’ are planting fake news on social media.74% of Germans strongly or partly agree with the statement that fake news is a real threat to society.41% of US Americans use social media daily to consume news.65% of Germans describe the information in German media as generally credible.Asked to describe their level of trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly, 30% of US Americans stated, ‘not very much’ and 21% stated ‘none at all’. (source: www.aace.org).Your first task is to develop an annotated bibliography based on 15 (fifteen) journal articles. You are required to prepare a critical review of fake news as it applies to marketing by synthesising readings from peer-reviewed academic journals, relevant databases, industry and government reports, websites and newspaper articles. You need to include details of these in the appendices section.Your second task is to create your insight, which will be guided by desk research, secondary research and primary research (i.e. ethnographic and netnographic observation only) and marketing concepts from this subject and choose a brand/firm that you feel is in some way is facing the challenge of Fake News. You need to develop a marketing strategy and activation plan to overcome the problem and improve the success of this brand.All students must submit their reports through turnitin using the link on LMS. No extension will be granted. Late essays will incur a 5% penalty per 24-hour period that they are late. Saturday and Sunday each count as one day. Penalty does not apply in cases in which an application for special consideration is made and approved. If the revised extended deadline is not met, late penalty applies.

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