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I Need three Questions Answered asap don’t bid if you can’t do in 2 hours

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I Need three Questions Answered asap don’t bid if you can’t do in 2 hours
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&????????????????????amp;lt;Challenges and Opportunities of State-Led Global Environmental Problems> Q1) Typically international negotiations proceed in stages; why? Taking either stratospheric ozone, climate change, or biodiversity, identify these main stages. Using your example, what are the strengths and weaknesses of proceeding in this fashion, both in general and specifically for this issue area. What is the difference between a protocol and an amendment? (1.5 page) Q2). Efforts to combat stratospheri????????????????????c ozone depletion are seen as the most effective global environmental governance regime. What are the different ways it is seen to be effective? (1page) Q3)C. Identify and explain four moments in the history of global environmental governance and their political and legal significance for state-led GEG? (0.5 page) – The questions must be based on the reading files I attached and website sources(but prefer to be based on the readings). -Ciataion page is required(Also in-text citation as well????????????????????)