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Impulse and Momentum Quiz

I’m studying for my Physics class and need an explanation.

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Impulse and Momentum Quiz
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Please write down your answers (with calculation) on a paper (P64) with your name, and submit this quiz in the lab, or upload a pdf file or picture file.

Please read your textbook (momentum, impulse and collisions) and lab manual (P57-P58). You can also read the webpage of this module.

Quiz: Suppose a car experienced a head-on collision in Cartoon world. (in the calculation, round to nearest integer) (Write the solutions, don’t just write your answer. If your equations are right but final results are wrong you can get half points.)

1. Before the collision, the mass of the car is 1500kg, and the speed is 36km/hr, and the car is going to the north. What is its momentum? Is its momentum a vector? If it is a vector, indicate it’s direction and magnitude. (We can define the north as the positive direction in the following calculation)

2. There is a truck heading south, but the driver falls into sleeping and hit the car head to head. The mass of the truck is 1500 kg, and the speed is 3.6km/hr. What is the truck’s momentum?

3. However, the collision still happened at last. But a miracle happened, no people or vehicle got hurt or damaged, and no energy loss in the collision, they just change their velocity. After the collision, the car has a motion to the south with speed as 3.6km/hr. What is the change of the car’s momentum during the collision? (be careful of the direction )

4. If we can average the force which applied to the car in the collision, what is the impulse of the force?

5. We assume the collision time is 0.1s, and we can average the force, what is the average force? (be careful of the unit)

6. Actually, the force hit the car should be a changing force, let us assume the left graph in the figure on Page is its force-time graph, which equation can I use to find the impulse of the force? (Just write down the equation)

7. Read Page 61-62, and draw the prediction (step 6) on the paper.