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Integrative Essay (Netflix)

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Integrative Essay (Netflix)
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For this first integrative essay, you should write primarily about ethics, corruption and international/global business.

The assignment: Complete a three-to-five page essay (1500-2000 word count?).

After viewing the first six episodes of season 1 of the Netflix series The Mechanism, discuss in your essay:

  • Why you think the business corruption you saw take place is occurring.
  • Could any character we see in the show have prevented the corruption from occurring? If so, who? Specifically, what could they have done to stop it or prevent it?
  • Also, could anyone do anything to prevent such corruption from reoccurring in the future?


Use 1.5 spacing and Arial 10 font. Spell and grammar check as you normally would for any scholarly paper. Also, feel free to consult the Style Guide (on Canvas) for suggestions on style, organization, and such.

I will provide the Netflix account if you do not have one, there’s 6 episode, 45 minutes each.

The mechanism is talking about the corruption scheme involving the Brazilian government.