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IT infrastructure

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IT infrastructure
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What do you think is included in IT Infrastructure? What is the first step in disaster recovery and contingency planning? Think about the following business. Identify the major business processes: • An independent supermarket, Accounting & Finance, Sales, Human Resource, Purchasing, Administration, Information Services, Manufacturing, Administration


What sources of documentation created by disaster recovery planners can identify critical data and software?


What are some examples of disasters? What are some threats on IT systems that can present high impact to the running of businesses?


Research legal requirements for retention of records that would compel us to undertake disaster recovery planning. List your finding here. Compare with the list provided.


What are the two categories of threats? List three examples of physical threats.

List three examples of electronic threats. Why do you think people don’t back their data up? Exercise- Research cost of viruses to enterprise. Why all the fuss? So you have a virus on your system. As long as it doesn’t cause any corruption of data or disruption of business processes, why spend money removing it?


What is risk management? What is achieved by measuring and controlling risk? Name three risks that can affect the building we are currently in. Name three risks that can affect the functioning of our IT systems. Name three things to keep in mind when identifying risks. What are the two parameters we assess risk by? What are two factors to consider when assessing likelihood (probability) of risks? How can a ranking system be used to measure risk? What is risk mitigation? Research the amount of money businesses have lost through virus infections in the past year/2 years/3 years


List five measures used to prevent and/or minimize the effect of fire damage.List two types of fire detectors. List three measures to secure your building and protect data and equipment. List three strategies to manage power problems? What is the best strategy against water damage (not including flood)?


What are firewalls used for to safeguard against? Apart from firewalls, name three other measures to protect IT systems. What is RAID used as a contingency for? If you were in an area that was prone to theft and viruses and it was compromising your server/s, what would be a good solution to keep your data safe?


What four critical factors of a disaster will management of an organisation be interested in prior to approving a disaster prevention plan? What is the key to success in justifying a contingency solution? What does a good contingency solution reduce?


What are 3 types of resource you need to implement disaster prevention and recovery?- You can organise your DRP resources into teams. There are 3 types of teams, choose the answer that reflects these types? If you have chosen to implement a ‘cold standby site’ as one of your disaster recovery strategies, what resources would you possibly need to implement that strategy?


Name three procedures a good disaster recovery plan covers. Explain procedures in detail in line with set project standards for disaster recovery plan.


What is the difference between a hazard and an event? What helps to identify the cut-over criteria before initiating a disaster plan? Why is system downtime a useful approach to classify disaster events by? What are the two most important aspects of a SLA?


Take client approval and sign off on disaster recover plan.