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IT Portfolio Essays / Career Outlook

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IT Portfolio Essays / Career Outlook
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Need 3 Essays written

**See attachments for info on each task and info from me to help write each.

I understand hard to make stuff up but I’ve included lots of info you can determine I’m a normal guy just trying to get through school / I’ll adjust any info as needed or re-word etc.

**Each essay can be different file and I’ll combine later


3 Tasks needed completed:

Section A- Strengths Essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages)

  • Strengths Essay should be in first person and will be very personal in nature.
  • The strengths can come from personal experience, friends/family, strengths assessment, etc.
  • You may consider the following questions as you are developing your response:
    • How and where do you have influence?
    • Where can you improve your people skills?
    • Do you have a positive outlook or attitude?
    • Do you see evidence of growth in your self-discipline?
    • Do you have a proven record of accomplishment of success in your chosen field?
  • Make sure to provide a clear example of when you have demonstrated each strength. The examples can come from past work, educational, or personal experiences.

Section B – Career Outlook Report (suggested length of 1–2 pages)

  • You will want to choose either a specific position or career path related to your chosen degree.
  • Be sure to include the following types of information:
    • Salary range
    • Education/experience requirements
    • Growth rate of the chosen position or career field.If you cannot find a growth rate for your chosen position then you may need to broaden the search term for your industry (i.e. cupcake shop vs bakery).
    • Types of positions available and responsibilities required
  • This report will REQUIRE outside sources to support the detailed information provided.
  • All sources should be in APA format, including both in-text citations and a full reference list.

Section C – Reflective Essay(suggested length of 3–5 pages)

  • The reflections essay should be in first person and will be very personal in nature.
  • You will want to describe your past educational, professional, and personal experiences, explaining how they have prepared you for your chosen career field.
  • The essay can incorporate information from your strengths essay, but is not required.