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journal 250-300words

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journal 250-300words
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  1. Start a new Thread with an applicable title for your “how to”
  2. Paste your “how-to” (with or without imagery) into the thread, or paste a link to your “Wiki-how”

We are all familiar with the “how-to” genre. A simple internet search of “how-to…” will yield numerous videos, blogs, and other written and visual content. Simply, a “how-to” text is one that explains, with detailed description, the process by which a non-expert may do something that requires specific skills, attention, or knowledge.

For this journal assignment, pick one of the mindful activities below and compose a “how-to” entry. You may choose to structure this “how-to” in the form of a WikiHow, a YouTube video, or some other form that best works for your anticipated audience. Mindful activities to explain “how to” do:

  • Meditate
  • Eavesdrop
  • People-watch
  • Practice non-reactivity
  • Listen actively
  • Write mindfully
  • Pay attention
  • Write 250-300 words