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Just answer the question and everything will be clear
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To witness a group of people demonstrating Patriotism, the United States military would be a great example. In the all-volunteer military of the United States, you will find that every individual comes from somewhere in the world to unite for a common cause. As soon as these fine folks volunteer to join the armed forces, they leave some part of themselves behind. Identity is one of these parts, besides their comfortable beds and community. These fine folks have all kinds of personal opinions of all sorts of things. They leave it behind. They are passionate about their birthplace; whether they are from Baltimore, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, or from other countries like Palestine, Israel, Armenia, or El Salvador, they leave nationality behind to join the comradery. Color, religious beliefs, and gender are also sacrificed for a common cause. The common cause is Patriotism. Dan Rather, in his book called “What Unites Us”, he describes Patriotism as something “while deeply personal, is a dialogue with your fellow citizens, and a larger world, about not only what you love about your country but also how it can be improved”. The United States military is the most unique environment that Nationalism is melted away to give way for Patriotism. Almost every other military in the world cherishes nationalism above other values. Some cherishes religious ways above other values. It is important to draw a distinction between the two. Nationalism was the tool Nazi Germany and the Axis powers used to get their citizens on board to wage a world war. Rather says, “unchecked nationalism leads to conflict and war”. Besides the military, I see “active, constructive patriotism” every day around me. Society talks about a “divided country” all the time. I think it is only a selected group of isolated folks experimenting and profiting from it. The rest of the ninety-nine percent are very united. Being a foreigner from another country, and living in North Carolina and Los Angeles, I have never felt unwelcomed in America. 2019 and the future looks bright for the United States although it might be challenging.

what would you respond to this text, the class was divided in 2 parts and each did a different assignment, and then gayer we reply to each others text, so this was mine

THIS IS basically the question. What will my response be.

Credit for “support writing” will be offered here based on completion of both layers (one initial post and one reply) and thoughtful response to the prompt. Bringing in key quotes from the text you are writing about is certainly useful, as are specific examples to back up your analysis and ideas. Remember to avoid political rants/opinions; we are in the mode of analysis and critical thought.

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