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Kirkland’s warbler

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Kirkland’s warbler
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Do some research on Kirkland’s warbler.

You need five sources in total.

Check the attachment “Sources” for more details.

You need one annotated bibliography (assessment 2) for EACH of your source. check the attachment “assessment 2”. there are 6 questions in total for one annotated bibliography.

Answer questions 1-3 in ONE complete sentence each, and answer questions 4-6 in two to four complete sentences.

Source should include:

– At least two scholarly articles.

– One from IUCN Red List

– the remaining two can be other resources that are relevant.

check “types of sources” from the attachment “sources” for more detail.

*note: before you start writing, check the rubric first. Format should be the same as attachment “assessment 2”. (This is NOT a paper). Cite all the sources in MLA style in the “citation” part.