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lab report for Soil Mechanics

Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

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lab report for Soil Mechanics
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I want Two Lab reports

have a lab report for Soil Mechanics

I will attach the lab manual and data for the experiment. Also I will attach the rubric so please follow it exactly.

The lab is called Standard Proctor Compaction Test (Page 81)

Please consider the ( Data Sheet ) as your primary results and finish the calculations in it. Also attach the graph needed.

About the Bibliography section Please mention three references:

1- The book : Principles of Geotechnical Engineering” by Braja M. Das and Khaled Shoban, Cengage Learning, 2017, 9th Edition.

2- The lap manual : Soil Mechanics Laboratory Manual” by Braja M. Das, Engineering. Press Inc., 2015

3- Third reference of your choice

if you have further questions just ask