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LIBR100 Do: Snopes

I’m working on a Literature question and need guidance to help me study.

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LIBR100 Do: Snopes
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I want to share a favorite site with all of you: www.snopes.com (????????) This is where I go when someone sends me an email or tells me a “true” story that gives me pause.

For today’s assignment, please visit www.snopes.com (????????)and have a look around. Click on any category (e.g. What’s New, Hot 50, Archive, etc.).

Note: if you click on “Archive” you can see a list of sub-categories to chose from.

A screenshot of the drop down menu for the Snopes archive.

Choose one claim to write about.

Pay close attention to the COLOR OF THE DOT next to the claim. Green is TRUE. Red is FALSE (see the key on the Snopes webpage for the meaning of other colors). Read the article associated with the claim.

Provide the following information in the post:

1. The category and subcategory (if there is one) you clicked on.

2. The title of the claim you clicked on.

3. The color of the dot next to the claim and whether or not the claim was true or false (sorry, this is repetitive but some people do mess it up).

4. Any piece of information in the article that might be of interest to the rest of the class.

For example:

I clicked on the category “Archive.” Then I clicked on the sub-category Food. Then I clicked on the claim “Hostess Twinkies have an indefinite shelf life.” The color of the dot next to the claim was RED, and the claim was false. According to the article, Twinkies have a shelf life of 25 days. Further, it takes 45 seconds to explode a Twinkie in a microwave.

WAIT!! And one thing to watch out for. I like 90% if Snopes. Two parts make me 10% hate it. First, I hate the ads, but can forgive those as that is how “free” sites make money. Second, there is The Repository of Lost Legends (TRoLL) that MUST be avoided. Yes, catch the acronym, TROLL (Links to an external site.) (????????). If you want to click on Lost Legends, go for it, but do know they are trying to make a point and you are REQUIRED to follow through with the “more information” button. I get the point they are trying to make about FALSE AUTHORITY but I think it is a bit twisted as Snopes is supposed to be an authoritative source on Internet hoaxes and well…they are guilty of the same.

Want to avoid this- just don’t use the Lost Legends page.