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literature review on the cold war

I’m working on a Political Science question and need guidance to help me study.

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literature review on the cold war
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This assignment is to turn in ONE source that you are planning to use in your literature review. Explain why you have chosen this source as well as why you think it is a scholarly and credible source. What information did you learn from this source that helps you to answer your research question? You should either attach a word document, or copy the text into the field below. Your source should be formatted Chicago

You will be graded on whether this source counts as one of the scholarly, authoritative sources that the literature review calls for and on your ability to explain the significance of your source.

research question- Explain why eastern European nations ended up with socialist governments after World War II.

I attached one source but you can use another as long as it is scholarly source like the one i have from JSTOR