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Managerial Accounting. Need to be APA format with citation

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Managerial Accounting. Need to be APA format with citation
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Topic 1

Conduct research to find out one or more differences that exist between balance sheets that are prepared using U.S. GAAP and those prepared using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Explain the difference and if there seems to have been a move in recent years toward convergence of the two systems. Finally, discuss how such a difference might have an impact on financial statement analysis, or if you believe that it would. Make sure to provide APA format citations and references for your sources.

Topic 2

The student will need to find some publicly available information about two firms and then provide some analysis of that information.

Using the Internet, find Earnings Per Share and Price/Earnings ratio information for two competing publicly traded companies. State what you have found and provide a couple of sentences of explanation as to what those ratios tell you about the firms. Finally, provide some analysis of which firm you think would be the better investment, based on this information.

Topic 3

There are numerous differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting. Describe what you think are the most important differences and articulate what is the critical reason regarding why those differences exist. In particular, discuss why it may not be as important to protect users of managerial accounting information, compared with users of financial accounting information.