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marketing final essay quiz online

I’m stuck on a Marketing question and need an explanation.

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marketing final essay quiz online
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This is my final exam quiz question please answer it carefully with no plagiarisms. the rest of the questions is uploaded through an screenshot

any questions please let me know.

1. A company sells packaged cookies in Hungary. The price is €;2.50 per package. The company’s marketing team believes that in Romania, price elasticity of demand value is 1.67. In contrast, price elasticity of demand value is 0.88 in Ukraine. Which country offers the most lucrative market, especially in terms of recapturing start-up costs? Why? (4 points) Which pricing strategy would be viable in Romania: skimming or penetration pricing? Which would work best in Ukraine? (4 points )

2. what is the cost of creating and maintaining awareness and associations for a local brand versus a global one ?

3. this product was introduced to other markets as “Pepsi max”. we have studied the importance of having a consistent brand in a global context. why Pepsi create a two brand name ?