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media discussion

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media discussion
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1.What are the major concerns and/or criticisms of media oligopolies, media consolidation, media convergence, and/or strategies for increasing revenue, growth, and market share (i.e., vertical, horizontal, and diversification)? Be sure to cover industry worries, government issues, and global consequences.

2.What influence or role is social media/and or the internet having on media industries (you can focus on industries we’ve covered so far)? You can address any areas that you find most important here: societal concerns and issues, diversity, economics, media content, etc. However, to receive full credit, you must include terms, concepts, and examples from the chapters and media industries we have covered.

for 1 and 2 I need 2 paragraphs for each question

3.Rating/share – What are their definitions? How do they differ? Use an example to show how they can be used to make programming decisions.

4.Choose one or the other, sitcom or drama. List, define, and provide an example of each type of sitcom or drama listed

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