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I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

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Moderator Problem (Background):

A Psychology Professor is interested in understanding the variability in final exam grades for his 100-level freshman Psychology Statistics class. He hypothesizes that class absences would be negatively correlated with final exam grades, and that the students’ pre-college levels of math proficiency would be positively correlated with final exam grades. He also hypothesizes that the relationship between absences and final grades would be moderated by levels of Math proficiency. The professor collects data for 35 students. Based on Placement Test Scores, obtained during pre-semester orientation/registration, 12 students had low (Developmental level) Math skills. Thirteen students were proficient in basic 9th grade Arithmetic and Algebra only. And, 10 students had advanced Math skills at the Calculus level. Math levels were recorded as 1 = Low Math Skills; 2 = Moderate Skills, and 3 = High math skills.

At the end of the semester, and for each student, the number of class absences was recorded, as were their final exam grades. Using the data appearing in the attached Week 3 Moderator “Statistics Grades.sav” SPSS data file, conduct a multiple regression analysis to examine the direct and interactive (moderator) effects of absences and Math level on final exam grades. Summarize the results using correct APA style. Be sure to include the appropriate Tables and Graphs. Please use my sample summary for moderation as a guide for your summary. As you’ll see, my sample summary shows you what statistics to present and summarize in your papers, and how to present them in APA style format.

Assignment Requirements.

  1. Describe the sample, the goals of the study, and the variables employed to conduct the study
  2. Describe the analysis strategy – How will you analyze the data.
  3. State the Null and Alternative Hypotheses
  4. Conduct the multiple regression analysis in which grades is the DV (outcome), Math Levels, and Absences, as well as their centered interaction, are the IV (predictors).
  5. Present and summarize the results for the Multiple Regression Analysis – including the effects for both IVs as well as the interaction.
  6. Conduct, present, and summarize the results for the simple slopes analyses for each level of Math proficiency. So, using the split file procedure in SPSS you must conduct 3 simple regression analysis in which the variable Grades is the DV (outcome) and Absences is the IV (predictor).
  7. Create the appropriate table of results for the multiple regression analysis (you must refer to this table within the summary).
  8. Create the appropriate table for the simple slopes analyses.
  9. Create a simple slopes plot showing the regression of grades on absences for each Math level. You must refer to this figure within the summary.
  10. In the Week 2 forum you must submit the summary as an MS-Word file; and please submit the SPSS output in a separate file. That way I can see the analyses that you ran.
  11. Please carefully read my sample summary and model your summary after it. Also, you must read chapter 15 in the Warner text.
  12. Please note that this analysis and summary must be your own original work, you may not share you work with any classmates. I created the practice data and sample summary as an in-class problem, and I encourage you with work together on the practice problem. But not on the graded assignment

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