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Midterm essay

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Midterm essay
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You will submit a 5-page essay synthesizing course readings and outside research into an articulate and cogent response to the following question: are there occasions in the delivery of health care when deception is warranted?

Must read:

  • Munson: Chapter 3, pages 253 – 296

Based on your reading of the textbook, Scripture, and additional sources:

  • Review the following scenarios of medical deception provided and rank them with commentary regarding appropriate behavior (most appropriate to least appropriate):
    1. A physician intentionally submits faulty information to an insurance company in an attempt to help a sick patient pay for needed healthcare services.
    2. A physician recognizes the patient has psychosomatic symptoms and prescribes a placebo pill in hopes that the emotional relief of the placebo will help the patient recover (thus saving the patient from possible treatments which would be more invasive and/or extensive).
    3. A physician does not provide full disclosure of a surgical procedure because he/she suspects the patient is not emotionally stable enough to handling all the details of the surgery, treatment and recovery.
  • Review the following scenarios and rank them with commentary regarding a physician’s ethics (most ethical to least ethical):
    1. Physicians accept pharmaceutical perks if they recommend a specific drug for treatment.
    2. When prescribing pain medication, some physicians may “undertreat” a patient if they sense their patient may have a propensity for addiction.
    3. A physician treating a patient with a terminal illness fails to disclose secondary ailments/diseases which may arise (in an attempt to protect the patient’s emotional stability and will to fight).
  • Recount occasions from your personal life experiences of being lied to/misled by a health care clinician and, in retrospect, comment on the correctness of this decision.
  • Provide a rationale (in terms of biblical commandments, guidelines, or inferences) on whether or not a Christian clinician should deceive a patient.