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Modern & Contemporary Art History Essay

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Modern & Contemporary Art History Essay
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Modern & Contemporary Art History Essay 1

Your essay should be at least six pages in length, typed and double-spaced. Please include a bibliography of you research and include proper citations (MLA format) in order to prevent plagiarism. Due Oct 22.

Choose one of the below:

1) Examine the ways in which African art (or any art understood as “primitive”) influenced one or two of the early modern artists of the 20th century.

2) Analyze the formal innovations introduced into painting and sculpture with the onset of Cubism.

3) Examine the role of Dada art in the rejection of societal values during World War I. You may want to focus on one artist’s work or choose a maximum of three works to analyze.

4) Discuss the move towards pure abstraction during the early 20th century. What were the artist’s underlying aims and ambitions? It might be interesting to compare two different artists here.

5) Discuss Surrealism in terms of the aesthetics of fetishism and fantasy.