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module 1 discussion need to answer

Need help with my Ecology question – I’m studying for my class.

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module 1 discussion need to answer
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I am a single mom so things I do in the morning make sure kids clothes are out

try to get breakfast and be on time to work

you can wing the rest

I also coach baskeball

Must post first.

What are the “Six Impossible Things” that you do every day? How could you modify them to have less negative impact on the world? How is desire like/different to satisfaction during your morning routine? [See Dyball & Newell’s Prologue, “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: for context] Use this context as an example for your discussion. Relate your routine in terms of using energy and water resources for you daily morning routine. See if your routine changes by the end of the semester. Will you have an influence on family and friends by the end of the semester?