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need a research paper on Application security- topic- ebay hacked case.

I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

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need a research paper on Application security- topic- ebay hacked case.
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4.5 pages double spaced + short presentation (6-8 slides)

research topic should cover-

1. title

2. Abstract

3. Problem statement (why ebay was hacked- the reason the ebay was exploted technically talking in terms of application security)

4. Purpose statement( the purpose of research paper and what must might have done to avoid hacking or breaching)

5. Background of the problem

6. choice of method (that ebay should have used to avoid such breach)

7. Conclusion

8. citation.

APA format.

Require a 6 to 8 slide ppt at the end.

the professor mainly focuses on the problem statement

like what E-bay did wrong or that their security was weak.

and application security method or technology should have been used particularly to avoid that problem.

like multi-factor authentication with biometrics

which might prevent hacker to breach.

I need this finished in 5 hours, but it is very likely some revisions will be needed, so only accept if you will be available still after 5 hours.

NO PLAGIARISM, you will be required to send a plagiarism report (TURNITIN would be the best).