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need to be done in 1hr just need a ppt without the voive over

I’m trying to study for my Management course and I need some help to understand this question.

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need to be done in 1hr just need a ppt without the voive over
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For this Project, students will conduct scholarly research on their approved Influential Management Theorist/Thinker/”Guru” and prepare a voice-over PowerPoint presentation (as instructed) on their individual.

Research Project Voice-over PowerPoint Presentation Format:

The presentation should contain no more than 14 slides and no less than 12. Use one (1) slide for the Title slide and one (1) for the Reference slide. APA format should be applied to the Reference slide with a minimum of five (5) scholarly sources. Wikipedia may not be used. Slides such as “Thank you”, “Questions?”, etc., do not contribute to the minimum number of slides required.

The presentation should detail Who (the individual), What (the individual contributed to business management), and Why (it is important in today’s business world). Limitations, criticisms of the theory or practice should also be included. Finally, Examples of current organizations and/or leaders that utilize or represent application of the theories must also be included.

Students should keep the text on each slide brief and to the point. As presenters, students should add to the content of their slides. As a general guide, remember the 5/5 Rule: no more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide.