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needs assessment about teenager verbal bullying in the UAE

I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

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needs assessment about teenager verbal bullying in the UAE
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basically i’m talking about verbal bullying and i’m targeting teenagers in the untied arab emirates, i’m doing this so that later i create public service announcement so i have to research and tackle this behaviour (read the sample to understand better).

i would like to add for the prioritization par use the IBM theory (see the attached ppt for this)

this has to be 4 full pages in SINGLE-SPACING with MLA format. Add in text citations and references!

include these 4 headers in the paper (should be 1 page single-spacing for each):

– Description

– Profiling

– Prioritization

– Evaluation

For the needs assessment, you will have to research for a key health condition or a common behavioral risk in the United Arab Emirates that will help you learn more about the related beliefs and actions that contributes to such risk. Based on the review of literature of the behavioral risk that you choose , you will write the needs assessment report. The report is a stepwise process to assess the beliefs and actions associated with a risky habits and the plan to carry out a public service announcement (PSA).

plan a small (something you believe you can do) scale promotion campaign targeted to your audience of choice and aimed at promoting a public service message that you are intersested in.

Develop the following points using sources that will help you better understand the behavior or belief in question. your Needs assessment will consist of the parts detailed below:

1.Description (30%) of the specific behavior or belief that you want to address in your public service message. Provide a context as to why it is important. Make sure you base your statement about the beliefs associated with the behavior in question on the sources that you’ve collected on the health problem in question.

2.Profile(15%) of the intended audience or target population; justify your choice of the target audience based on the literature review. highlight the following aspects:

1.1 Their demographics:Age, nationality,gender, education, income, etc.

1.2 Their lifestyle and the general physical and social context in which this target audience live;

1.3 The beliefs and values that are related to the behavior that you want to address in your public service message.

3.Prioritization(30%) by basing yourself on the available resources and what you suspect people want. In this part you need to:

1.4 choose one of the theories, presented in the course to help you further understand the specific beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that you are interested in exploring. justify your choice.

1.5 State the questions based on the chosen theory. These questions will help you understand the specific beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that you will be interested in exploring. you will be asking those questions later when you conduct your field assessment.

4.Evaluation(20%) Set the outcome indicators: that is WHAT and WHEN you expect to happen. Define those changes (i.e., outcome) in measurable terms, which will help you assess the success of the PSA. Make sure you justify your choice of evaluation strategy.

5. Documentation of sources and enclosing all sources including scholarly (minimum 1)& others (5%)

Make sure that your Needs assessment covers the various factors that revolve around the public behavior or belief that you would like to tackle.