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New Marketing Approaches for an Established Company

I’m working on a Marketing question and need guidance to help me study.

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New Marketing Approaches for an Established Company
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(This is the backstory) The question is at the bottom is bold. Please answer in less than 150 words if possible.

I think so far the company seems like they have found their groove, and they should definitely involve the fact that they have been serving anyone with plumbing needs over the past 30 years. Especially if they have had qualified, clean, and quick service for all of those 30 years. That should be their main focus. They could even have a big campaign to celebrate their 30 years of great business that promotes why they have been around for so long (qualified, clean, and quick). And if they expanded to social media or online advertising, they could find a whole new customer base that is attracted to that sort of advertising.

But, I don’t think they should abandon their original platform of marketing over television and radio completely, but instead expand it and adapt it. When it comes to radio, there are local podcasts that they can take advantage of, or services like Pandora, that advertise for local businesses but are still in the “radio” realm. And if they continue to have their same type of advertising, just adapted to the changing of times, they will be able to stay true to their brand and what they have for for the past 30 years.

I like your recommendation(s) to (essentially) continue to build on the traditional marketing practices that have brought success to People’s Plumbing. while (also) utilizing social media to reach a relatively new target market for the company. What social media/online venues do you think would be the most conductive to accomplish this, and why?