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NRP 513 Literature search qualitative

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NRP 513 Literature search qualitative
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  1. Conduct a search of the literature for qualitative studies on your problem utilizing the search plan submitted Week 3. You may revise the plan as you conduct the search.

    Locate a minimum of four academic research studies. Each member should read all of the articles selected using the reading plan developed in Week 3. Selection of final articles should reflect a group process and not simply each team member selecting an article and submitting.

    Use the
    Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log to document your search process. You will add to the form in future weeks as you continue the search.

    Write a 350-word summary of your search process and explain why you selected the articles you chose.

    Include a reference page identifying the articles you selected using APA guidelines.

    Submit the Literature Search Activities in Bibliographic Databases Log and your summary.


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