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One part of Group research paper. do some reasearch online or from books, 1000 words.

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One part of Group research paper. do some reasearch online or from books, 1000 words.
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Your group is charged with undertaking a strategic analysis of an organisation’s response to sustainable development issues. The project outputs are a report to the CEO and a poster summarising your report, for the Board and senior executives. Select an organisation and respond to your CEO’s request. The organisation can be from anywhere in the world, large or small. If it is a very large organisation, you may focus on a particular division or subsidiary.

Word limit: 5000 words excluding reference list, tables and diagrams.

This should include:

  • A cover page with group members’ names and email addresses
  • Table of contents
  • Approx 500-word (1-2 pages) Executive Summary
  • Introduction (approx 250 words)
  • Approx 1000 words for each of the four categories
  • Conclusion (approx 250 words)
  • References

Value: Report 20%

Individual Assessment in Group Tasks: All group members will be allocated the group mark.

1. Executive summary 2%

A clear and concise 1-2 page summary, highlighting the Business Model, Sustainability Issues, Risk Assessment and Strategic Response. The report must also include a brief introduction and conclusion.

2. Current situation (business model) 4%

Describe the business. Analyse the value chain, inputs, processes and outputs. Summarise the current approach and response to sustainability issues.

3. Sustainability issues 4%

What are the social and environmental sustainability issues (direct and indirect) facing the business?

4. Risk and opportunity assessment 4%

How will these issues impact the business? What is the likelihood and consequence of each of the direct and indirect social and environmental issues? Identify the top 3-5 material issues.

5. Strategic response (recommendations) 4%

How should the business respond to the material issues?

6. Impact of Report 2%

  • Clarity = is it in plain, coherent English, avoiding jargon?
  • Concise = is it to the point, without waffle or padding?
  • Flow = is it connected, logical resolved?
  • Research = can it be supported, corroborated, validated?
  • “Wow” = does it have acumen, penetration, revelation?