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Over the Counter Medications to Treatment Psychiatric Disorders

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Over the Counter Medications to Treatment Psychiatric Disorders
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Power Point/ 25 slides

Please use at least three sources for reference no older than 5 years. Feel free to pick. Just keep in mind this is a post master level (Should be very professional)

Objectives: Clearly states the overarching goal of the project. Objectives are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and align with the goal

Introduction/Background:Presents a comprehensive introduction to the mental disorder. Provides a synthesis of prior research on the topic. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of topic. Content is accurate, relevant, timely, and appropriately cited.

Teaching Content: Presentation is clear, page layout logical, succinct, reader-friendly, and organized. Integrates images that are visually attractive and creative, supportive, and consistent in style. Presenter covered the mental disorder and treatment strategies in a comprehensive manner. Presenter was well spoken and seem to master the topic that was presented.

Presentation Style: Provided questions, comments or opportunities for interaction with the audience, at least three questions with answer.


APA format References: Well organized. Superior readability throughout. Properly formatted APA in-text citation and reference.