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PAPER PROPOSAL ON The religious conflict in Northern Nigeria

I need an explanation for this Geography question to help me study.

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PAPER PROPOSAL ON The religious conflict in Northern Nigeria
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Writing Requirements

Both the proposal and paper must be typed using a readable font of

12 point and double

spaced with standard one-inch margins

. All students are expected to retain a word-

processed copy of both written assignments. The paper proposal will be reduced by 5

points for every


late, the final paper will be reduced by 25 points for every




Final Paper:

Due 11/7

(250 points)

Your final paper must be 5 pages long (not too much more or less), not including the


reference list and a map

. You must include an appropriate map with an

appropriate legend (or spatially related diagram) related and relevant to your topic (at the

end of your paper, not within the text). Your reference list should contain all sources

used, (including websites) cited properly using the APA citation style.

At least 3 sources

are required for this paper

(not including your textbook). Journal articles, magazines,

and newspaper articles and chapters of books are encouraged. Points will be deducted for

using wikipedia.org web site. Your paper should include, but is not limited to, an

introduction with a thesis statement, an organized summary of your research findings,

discussion of geographic concepts/terms, and a conclusion.