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Part A: Discussion: Reflection. Part B: responses to two of the post of peers

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Part A: Discussion: Reflection. Part B: responses to two of the post of peers
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Part A:

I have completed a final project for this class and professor wants a reflection discussion. please see below how he wants us to write the discussion. I have attached the final project.

As you think about the process of developing your final project, consider any of the following and frame your response in one to two paragraphs:

  • Did you have trouble finding information?
  • What did you consider when making decisions on hardware, software, and computer procedures?
  • What resources did you use when designing your final project?
  • Are there any topics you found particularly interesting? Why?
  • Were there particular topics you found more difficult than others? Explain briefly.
  • How do the course materials relate to your future career plans?

Part B:

In your responses to two of your peers, provide feedback on their experience. Did you have similar experiences? How did your experience differ from theirs? Response to two post separately.

Post 1: This final project was a beast for me, however my issue was not that I could not find information but rather I may have had too much. My primary source for information was TestOut’s “fact” slides in each applicable section, however to supplement I would also read through computer-centric webpages, articles and comparison charts. The compilation of this information at times seemed overwhelming and only provided me with additionally questions and/or options to consider and research. To organize my approach to this problem I decided to use a systematic decomposition to re-composition and synthesis approach. First I attempted to understand the business model of MilleniAds. Once I understood what I believed their business was and wanted to become I applied a set of assumptions to my scenario that better highlighted my perspective on their business trajectory. Next I observed what felt MilleniAds needed by looking at the business model and trajectory that I had come up with. After compiling basic needs I began researching software and hardware to fulfill their needs. I read man comparison articles and manufacturer sheets to apply value levels to all available options, then selected the most valuable options that would empower MilleniAds to successfully operate their business and grow in the future.

Post 2: I enjoyed being able to think through what in my opinion would be the best IT solutions for the company. For may project, my thought process was to go simple. I previously had an internship at a small software development startup and they went fairly simple with their technology setup. All employees were given macbook laptops and everything was accomplished over various cloud services. I modeled my final project more or less on this idea. The resources I used was a combination of googling and reading whatever the first articles to popup were and the fact sheets from testout. The topic I found particularly interesting was that of determining the computational needs of the employees. Learning more about RAM, storage, clock speeds, etc. was very interesting to me. I also like learning about the networking as well. My future plans are to work in software development and this information is mostly relevant. Understanding basic information about IT is useful in the software development industry.