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Pep plan project in positive Psychology course

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Pep plan project in positive Psychology course
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****Pep plan assignments consists of three separate parts. Please submit each part in separate word documents****

PEP #1 Plan

Write your first PEP plan (PEP # 1) according to the instructions. Press the button below and paste or type your plan into the box.

The PEP Plan will include these elements:

(1) Explain what you will do and your rationale for it.

(2) Tell what you will be doing differently that you haven’t been doing before.

(3) Tell what your goal is (such as creating a happier state of being, achieving better functioning in some area, etc.).

(4) Tell how you will measure the effects of your program.

(5) List 3 sources. One source can be your textbook.

Title: Positive Psychology, 1st Ed. (2009)
Author: Buamgardner, S. R. & Crothers, M. K.
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131744417

PEP #1 Midway Report

Prepare your PEP # 1 Report according to the instructions.

PEP # 1 Midway Report:

Make your report 1-3 pages long. Include 3 sections:

i. Objective Report: Tell in detail what you have been doing for your Personal-Enhancement Project.

ii. Subjective Report of Experiences: Describe changes in moods, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, etc. as applies to your Personal-Enhancement Project.

iii. Evaluation: Evaluate how you feel your Personal-Enhancement Project is going. Detail any changes you want to make in your protocol. Submit by the due date given in the “Assignment Dates” document.

Post – PEP #1 Final Report

Prepare your PEP # 1 Final Report according to the instructions.

STEP-by-STEP: How to do the Final PEP Paper

The final PEP paper should be approximately two or three pages (500-1200words) before you paste it. The paper will include three sections:

PEP Intervention: Write 1-3 paragraphs introducing your PEP, telling exactly what you did and what outcome you were expecting or hypothesizing.

PEP Self-test: Write 1 paragraph describing the self-test you used as a pretest and posttest. Tell why you chose this self-test for this PEP.

PEP Evaluation: Describe the outcome of your Personal-Enhancement Project (PEP). Assess the value of what you did. Write 3-6 paragraphs that answer these questions:

?Do you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or in other ways?

?Did the PEP give you improvement on your self-test? Why do you think it did or didn’t?

?What did you like about your PEP? Did you find drawbacks? Would you recommend this PEP to others? Why or why not? Would you do it again? Why or why not?

?Tell whether you would make modifications to this PEP in the future, what they would be, and why you would make them.

?What did you like about your self-test? Did you learn new things about yourself? Did you find drawbacks to this self-test? If so, tell what they were. Would you recommend this self-test to others? Why or why not?

?Give a final statement (can be one sentence or a very brief paragraph) that sums up your overall thoughts and feelings about your entire PEP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not report the exact results of your self-tests. Tell whether your post-test score was higher or lower than the pre-test score, but do not give your exact scores. Those are only for your personal experience. Keep in mind that even if your PEP did not cause you to improve on your self-test, that information is also valuable. This is the nature of science!